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BMW owners and enthusiasts - My Motiv is YOUR place on the internet.

This site has been created for BMW owners, enthusiasts and suppliers of sales and service alike.
It is a BMW community where you have total control of your area of the site.
We would like to encourage individuals to share their knowledge and experiences with fellow BMW owners beyond the normal forum format.

Also welcome are sellers of products and people offering services.
With a constantly updated community based area, MyMotiv users can provide feedback
discussions on sales and service for potential future customers.
Individuals can also use this system to sell cars and My Motiv is a constant live discussion to keep potential buyers
well informed.
MyMotiv can also be a place for fun or a meeting point for like minded individuals.
We will try to make the site as easy to use as possible but as it is in its infancy all suggestions are welcome.
After all MyMotiv is for us all to share.. Join us now!